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Monday, February 22, 2016

Conowingo Dam: Suicide Shad Run (2009)

Originally posted to Philadelphia Anglers Club in 2009, the post is copied here in its entirety, praise be internet!!

Posted 03 May 2009 - 07:04 PM
Thanks everyone who helped me with advice and comments. I listened to the advice of nearly everyone and had a successful day because of it. Now in order to repay everyone, you get an entertaining story!

The story begins not on Sunday, but Saturday. My fishing partner injured himself at work and ended up getting 3 staples in his head hours before we were scheduled to start driving to Maryland. He called and assured me that he was still down to go and that we would be leaving around 4:30am. I won't go into much detail but I went to shower before I left, the need to know details are that the cold water handle broke off and I ended up with some unexpected injuries.

You think since we were doomed from the start that we'd just call it and say that it wasn't meant to be, but neither of us are like that. Both injured and cranky we rolled out and arrived a little behind schedule at 8:30am, we sped along and made great timing! As soon as we crossed into Maryland it started pouring and didn't let up even as we drove away at 3:30pm. My friend hooked into a shad on his first cast. On my first cast I hooked into one and lost him at my feet. My friend continued to catch about 7-10, 7-12 inch shad with some other fish I never even seen(Pics of his when he gives them to me). I hooked into 3 decent sized Stripers but was a little let down because most of the day had passed and I didn't hook a single shad. I overheard a bunch of the locals talking about how most of the shad had moved on blah blah blah....About an hour before we left I set my hook into this nice sized shad he put up a decent fight and me and my friend both got a little wet making sure my only shad made it to land. The day was doomed from the start but we both overcame it and had a lot of fun anyway! As we left some guy approached us asking if we had the # of the game commission because he seen an "Asian" keeping fish, we laughed at him and told him good luck on his mission, never seen people so hostile over one fish especially when the economy is so bad, he sat there and waited to.  You think the rain would have deterred people but I shudder to think what it would have been if it was sunny considering we were shoulder to shoulder most of the day.

Thanks everyone for the advice! Heres some of the results(more later)

Here is the actual report in all its glory for all you fact checkers.

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