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Monday, April 4, 2016

North Carolina Turn n' Burn

Day 1/2 and 1: Fear of Snailure

Strategically launched to take off for max fishing time, we pointed the rental car south and didn't look back. Surprisingly we arrived at Newport News earlier than expected. However due to vague spot details we weren't sure if we could fish the area at night. We decided to pull over at the local Walmart (a popular deftik angling tactic) and take a quick nap. At the break of dawn we wandered back over to a a spot that was said to be saturated with white catfish. We fished for an hour in the rain before the rain started pummeling down, we decided to push south with the possibility of a rematch with my last remaining nemesis on the way home.

We opened up shop on the Eno River later that day and automatically started catching big bull chubs out of the chocolate water. To my left a little kid pulled a 5lb largemouth on a frog. We kept fishing through the day with nothing more than chubs and redbreast the Roanoke Bass simply didn't want to play. We had some time to stay on the Eno so we hoped the water would go down.

We decided to "check in early" (on time) at the Eno State Park. We were hoping the camping arrangements would be like Pennsylvania or Minnesota, this was a huge error on my part. I'd like to announce that old reservation lady at Eno campground was almost as ignorant as Eagle Cliff campground employee perhaps they're related. After my CIA styled interrogation... I mean check in she informed us it was a 1 1/2 mile hike from car to camp site and the campground had a 9pm curfew where you are locked in. Don't get me wrong obviously North Carolina has the right idea about camping, we just expected a cheap fast place to sleep between ventures...definitely wrong. Hopeful we took what we thought were bare essentials and lugged them the entire and painful way.  We erected our massively unnecessary tent. After we erected it we had enough time to find shore space on the Eno nearby before the sun went least that plan worked.

We caught an ungodly amount of large snail bullhead. Largely impart to the flood waters that would be our demise for other species. Snail bullhead after snail bullhead graced our presence as we dwindled our rods from 3 total, to 2, down to just 1 rod for two people, the bite was THAT on. Definitely the highlight of the trip. If I know one thing it's how to squeeze lemons into lemonade, if micros and Roanoke bass wouldn't cooperate, the bottom dwellers would be out in full force. 

This is the part of the trip where mark and I's paths converged briefly he was just about getting to close his eyes, 30 mins out from our campsite, when I told him we'd perform a covert op to get him into our campsite after hours. So we pulled another hike to the parking lot. Met up with mark took him to our spot and he caught his lifer snail in 5 minutes flat. He left as we closed our tent for the night, but not before sending Derek Wheaton some anal rays for analysis...

Day 2: SsSsSsSsSsSsSsSs

I stressed fun on this trip asking Kyle are we having fun? Sometimes fun takes a back seats  to lifers, however I've shifted this to put the emphasis back on fun. Speaking of fun, we were set to met Ali Iyoob at 8am...I mean 9am sharp. 

We set up shop with Ali and his large mastiff and proceeded to violate the Eno waterways. Sadly Kyle was the sole catcher of Roanoke Bass with this fine specimen. 

Mark and I each went on to catch white shiners amongst the rising waters, noticeably higher than the day before. Various redear, yellow perch, and channel cats were also caught.

We moved spots and then Ali found a Northern Water Snake, like one would expect him to.

He then completely fell in the river which I couldn't decide was either hilarious or horrific. We grabbed a bite to eat and then Ali headed back to his house while we tried our hand at white bass. We followed mark all the while not knowing our arrival time. We made an executive decision to rely on Flat Bullhead fishing because they are more of a priority and harder distribution wise.

We made our way back north and opened up shop on the banks for flat bullhead. As we waited for sundown our rods were slammed by redbreast sunfish. Ali showed up with his friend, it got dark and then nothing....and then insanity. Flat Bullheads at every turn. We all quickly got our lifers while Ali tripled his PB. Like I said previously we definitely know bullheads and when the Eno gives you flood waters, you go bullhead fishing it's only fair.

We called it at Ali's house which was filled with dangerous serpents the world over, basically a zoo for adults.

 It was an awesome trip and I'd like to thank him for his hospitality and again to Derek for checking out more anal rays, as soon as the sun rose we set for home.....where it snowed 3 inches.

Reports from Mark who ventured back south were the white bass and white cat bite was time...

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