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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Stocker Trout and Why We Fish

In the process of the years, I don't really think I've improved as an angler, I've caught different kinds and sizes of fish far and wide. I was determined to catch PBs (personal bests) and new species but as always relied on tried and true methods and well worn out places. And the years marched on...

Recently I've realized why I fish, 49% is to catch the fish, but 51% is different entirely. I lost sight of the real point of the other 51% for a little bit and then it came full circle. The other 51% was escaping the tediousness of everyday life and getting to spend more personalized time with friends and family away from the cellphones and TVs of the world.

A good reminder of this was just recently when my dad, my brother, and I decided to head out to fish for stocked trout. This is noteworthy for plenty of reasons, my brother and I weren't punching each other, my dad wanted to fish, all three of us were in the same room, and all 3 of us decided that fishing was the best thing to do with the day, it also doesn't help that I loathe stocked trout. The stars aligned and off we were. I was noticeably sick but I won't use that as my crutch for my skunking, despite the fact that I opted to sit in the backseat of my own car for the first time in my life.

We arrived at one of the more remote places located near us that holds stocked trout. We passed an encampment of trailers, tents, and parked pickups that are there every year but because it was a weekday and it was rainy/gloomy we had few if any competition.

We marched around the woods casting into various holes, discussing with one another what we saw, caught, and where. I was more focused on the fact we were actually all fishing together than anything else, I don't think I can off hand recall a time in recent memory this took place. My dad ended up catching 2 or 3, my brother landed 8, and I got the big zero, but for some reason this didn't at all phase me.

The fish came in on everything from redworms, to salmon eggs, spoons, and live minnows. A lot of fun was had and it seemed as if time stood still, we arrived home late for supper, so late in fact no supper was made, but nobody cared.....


  1. Nice write up man! Was that a pike hiding under that ledge? Pretty cool to witness.

  2. Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback! I wish it was a pike it was a stocker brown trout, no pikes roaming my home waters unfortunately just chain pickerel