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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Return To Form

There used to be a time when I'd casually speak about when there would come a point in my life and there would be just no time left to fish. My dad would repeat this like a broken record, fish while you can he'd say. Suffice to say, that time has come, the only reason a line hits a water anymore is because I'm blindly dedicated to fishing, the casual dude would of tossed the towel.

August? Gross but I guess I don't get to pick the time I finally had a day available and the audacity to ask my dad to watch the kids. I scurried off to my favorite spot, where undoubtedly, if you've fished with me, you've been there. 

I arrived an hour before sundown. Target ...sumo bullheads. One problem, despite torrential rain today the lake was at extreme drought level. I casted and was rewarded with as massive as I've ever saw Redbreast sunfish, then sumo Pumpkinseeds and a bluegill for good measure.

As it grew darker the hoards of beaver swam and splashed basically screaming my presence. When they weren't busy with that a giant bird was screaming like Steven Speilberg's velociraptors. I'm sure the lack of water played its part, but the bullheads just didn't show. The Mosquitos on the other hand did get the invite, the bullheads must of got lost in the mail.

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