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Monday, February 22, 2016

A Year In Review : 2009

The year of maximum effort, little resource, and extremes
2009 was the year when I let the insanity of it all take hold, trips, extremes.....which would eventually become the new normal.

Party Boats



In 2009 is when I started my push to be a species angler, however I had limited resources at my disposal. Above are the results of 3 NJ party boat trips, which is coincidentally a lot more than I remember doing, obviously this was maximum effort time...

 Suicide Shad Runs

Shad runs were my first out of state expeditions, we were newcomers who didn't quite understand the patterns or fully comprehend the insanity of it all. This year we were a little late to the party, retrospectively I think large in part to some intentionally delayed internet reports from some idiots. I still managed my first ever American Shad and a lifer Striped Bass. I was also bed ridden sick for a week after this, more to come in a future published report.

Out Crazy the Crazy: Walleye Madness
This really deserves its own write up and will get one in due time. The short of it was I tried to catch my lifer walleye and madness ensued in my naivety. 10-15 trips later I landed my coveted catch, however that same night I'd catch my lifer tiger musky too...

 General Fun

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