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Monday, January 9, 2017

New Water #2: Frostbiten

        New Water #2 Frostbiten   

                                              A new 2016 imitative to fish new home waters                                           that we once ignored.

                                    This is part 2 of the new series continued into 2017.

59th PA location fished

Some bullet holes courtesy of the locals.

Cabin fever pretty much caught up with all of us at this point. Desperate to get out everyone planned to fish for Monday and 3 out of 4 of us actually made it as planned...

Stillwater Dam, located in Uniondale, Pa. Not exactly known for its trophy class fishing, but a local ice spot we could try out with the added benefit of being completely new. Being twenty minutes from my house obviously nothing of note stood out about Stillwater, this being the reason I didn't fish it in 27 years. However this time we put the plan in motion to see what this dam is made of as we set up to target the ever abundant Chain Pickerel.

Kyle started coughing and wheezing, shortly thereafter he stated he may have the flu and that he should of stayed home. Kyle managed to land one Chain Pickerel before falling asleep in the heated ice tent. Its a good thing he coozied up to the tent too, because today's weather was FRIGID. I'm fairly confident I have mild frost bite on my face as a result of today's venture.

No way was this accurate -_-

Kyle's 1st fish of 2017

Next up was mark who also managed a decent one.

I caught the biggest of the trip, still modestly sized. Stillwater Dam is mostly known for bad fishing and pickerel, so it lived up to its name. Not a likely place to return to unless we are bored locally or in case we want to watch a Bald Eagle hover our location by 20 feet.

My 1st fish of 2017, not a bad way to start the year.

Here is a dead one we found on the ice, locally chain pickerel are despised. 

All in all it wasn't a total bust a new place explored and now, Stillwater Dam will fade back into obscurity.

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