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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Year In Review: 2007

2007 was a weird year for me. 
Graduated highschool with an uncertain future ahead. For someone who never considered college suddenly the prospect of attending was ever looming. However that didn't stop me from fishing, heres how I made out.

I caught this slammer Largemouth Bass that manged to pull a jon boat holding me, khalid, and mark (450-500lbs) before eventually being brought boat side. No official weight was taken on this fish -_-

I also caught a Tiger Trout from a local pond, these fish are no longer stocked locally which means I'll have to stare at this Personal Best photo for a very long time

A lot of bass and pickerel fishing occurred in 2007

Being that I graduated and everything I went to Ocean City Maryland on my Senior Week 2007 and was rewarded with at the time lifer Black Sea Bass, Hickory Shad, and Striped Bass. Some of these fish are still PBs today. However any fishing glory was outweighed with having to be rescued by lifeguards...

I put a lot of time into fishing for stocked trout being that its one of the only games in town. This had to be one of the best seasons of stocked trout fishing in my life. I probably landed 50, but here is a slammer rainbow trout and some stocked brook trout.

I went on vacation in Virginia with a ex girlfriend and managed to catch a whole slew of Atlantic Croaker, these fish were a relaxing change of pace to catch and coincidentally 10 years later I still haven't caught another of the species.

At my highschool graduation party I pretty much spoke to no one and instead focused my efforts on fishing the pond of the place we rented. A lifer Golden Rainbow trout was my reward. Interestingly enough if you google these fish there is a fascinating Frankenstein story about genetic mutations and mankind pretty much creating this fish...

 As usual Deftik Angling had its usual suspects along for the ride.

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