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Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Year In Review : 2016

While the bulk majority of people will no doubt remember 2016 as the first real year our celebrity obsessed culture experienced an slew of high profile deaths, the election of Donald Trump, and the fall of our beloved Harambe. I'll fondly remember 2016 at the year I prioritized everything in just the right way to succeed. My fishing may not have been as frequent as I'd of hoped but it was well planned and concise, with a lot of success on my given targets.

For a guy who travels to fish a lot most of my joy is derived from locally upgraded Personal Bests, this year I managed 3, the Smallmouth Bass redacted for spot burning purposes.

Icefishing opened up the year as it always should.

The first real fishing trip of the year was the sunshine state. Florida is always, always, always a great time and we always catch a boat load of new and exciting fish. This was my 3rd trip to Florida in my life and of course it was as awesome as every other time. 
24 new lifers and 1 upgraded PB

Next trip came just as winter transitioned to spring. The southern bullheads were extremely high on my sought after list and we conquered them as expected however the Roanoke Bass still swims around unhooked.... We met up with Ali Iyoob on this trip which was equally as cool as the fish! Read about it all here:
North Carolina Turn n' Burn

Next up were Jersey sandbars with AJ, this year they were plentiful!

The final trip to close out the year had us traveling to the great white north to meet up with Joe Tilley and target the exceptionally gorgeous Shortnose Sturgeon. I always prefer to fish north than south so this was a very welcomed change to close out the year. Read about it here Dinosaur Hunter: Journey To The Great White North

Here is some more photos from 2016:

A lot of my year was taken up by baby fishing as it should be...

My wife even managed a lifer Green Sunfish locally despite being pregnant most of the year

As as always there is no year of fishing at Deftik Angling without Mark and Kyle!

and finally Deftik Angling added another member to its ranks
We'd like to introduce baby Tony!

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