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Monday, November 7, 2016

A Year In Review : 2012

I don't think I've ever had to take pictures out of a year end review, but this one was a pure stunner plain and simple. All of the pictures from all of the adventures simply will not fit, its the year I met my wife and clearly the finest year of fishing I've had in my life.

January Local Trout

I kept busy catching my year round mainstays.

1st Lake Ontario Trip 2012

Mark and I each caught our lifer Lake Trout and a limit each might I add. We kept ourselves busy with lifer Round Gobies and this PB Rockbass that still stands to this day.

The First of The Florida Trilogy

We caught tons and tons of fish and if you want to read about them follow this link:
If you're lazy just look at a few of these highlights.

Fishing With A Legend In His Own Right

My buddy Mike slays the fish and in 2012 he really helped me add solid respectable lifers to my lifelist below are amazing specimens of Flathead Catfish, Mirror Carp, and Bowfin. There is an expedition report for the Flathead, read it here Descent Into Murky Depths

2nd Trip to Lake Ontario With My Dad

This was as fun of a trip as it gets I'll have to write an expedition for it at some point. But the waves were huge and despite 2 of our party puking over the boat we all ended up with very respectable fish, lifer Chinooks, Steelhead, and memories.

Misc. Trips

I took my mom on a vacation to New Jersey and managed a lifer Dusky Smooth Hound. Mark and I attempted a lifer hunt in inner city Philly and landed a Mummichog amongst others.

Local Fishing:

The local fishing in 2012 was nothing scoff at. I did well on White Suckers, caught a PB Golden Shiner, and hit the local waterways with a fury. I also managed to get Kori and Madelyn fishing the most of their entire lives before and since. Did I mention Alex and Miles traveled all the way from Minnesota to catch Chain Pickerel and American Eels. 2012 was definitely one for the books and a fine year of my life, possibly the greatest.

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