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Monday, January 22, 2018

Russo Girls Go Icefishing!

To say I've put in some time trying to make my daughters self sustaining fisherwomen is an understatement, if they chose not to it wouldn't bother me, but they seem to really enjoy it in the same way I did when I was their age so may as well take advantage! In the back of my mind I've always had wild notions about taking them icefishing however I tell fully grown men "Icefishing is only something people do who love fishing at an unhealthy level and for everyone else it is not fun at all". 

Well the stars aligned, I got my father to make a rare appearance, Mark came to help, we were more than qualified for a day out with a 9 year old and 4 year old girl. We set up the rigs at a nice little honey hole I figured would produce consistently and it did. I even got carried away and made a poor Dominos delivery driver deliver pizzas onto the ice. Skylar managed to jig up 2 Largemouth Bass, one being her PB, before she attempted to sleep face down in the ice. My father scooted her off home, content with her days catch.

Maddy, I showed the day before how to use a tip up, however it didn't prepare me for how far she has come. I still think of her as my baby and she's not. Before I even knew, she spotted a flag, baseball slid next to the rig, and pulled up a largemouth bass before I could even press record on my IPhone. No longer a baby. She perfected her tactic throughout the day and did very well for her fish time icefishing catching many more fish as the day went on. Maddy played a little too much in the melted water and soaked her boots, another one bites the dust, Grandpa taxi picked her up and away she went to hangout with Skylar. Maddy stated that she liked icefishing more than regular fishing, it is pretty sweet when the stars align.

Mark and I had consistent tip up action intermittently throughout the rest of the afternoon, Mark's brother Luke even made a never before seen Deftik Angling appearance. My first time on the ice this season, and the girls first time icefishing ever, a late start, but White Sturgeon definitely made up for that.

This guy had a plastic rig stuck in his throat for who knows how long, caught again and rescued!

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