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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Skylar's Lifer Brown Trout

I planed for this day all week, finally it was time. My father, Skylar and I loaded into my truck and went in search of Brown Trout. My dad suggested other places where Brown Trout weren't stocked and I told him we were hunting today, akin to a hunter not shooting a squirrel while deer hunting we would not accept anything but a Brown Trout. This is the last of the PA trout for Skylar (unless you are counting Golden Rainbow/Tigers) and for a four year old girl she knows ALL of the trout living in Pennsylvania.

My first spot where I took Kori to catch her lifer Brown Trout was bust, a passerby stopped me and stated they don't stock here anymore due to the dam weakening. Further on down the road we happened upon a large gathering of trout fisherman however what I would consider the prime spot was completely empty. My dad and I rigged up Skylar with a redworm and I started to cast a spoon. Skylar had a giant noodle rod my dad for some reason brought. I look to my right and shes got the tip in the water being a goof, I turn to cast and shes hooked up. Just like that with a little assistance from Grandpa Skylar brought her lifer Brown Trout to shore. "Papa" tried to hold it for her, but Skylar was having NONE of that. Skylar quickly grabbed her prized lifer and posed. Shouting for the approximately 30+ fishless fisherman that she did it. Definitely something she won't soon forget.

It was a welcome victory especially after the skunking we endured on "PA Mentor Youth" trout day, where they said they did but didn't stock most if any fishing spots.

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