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Monday, March 21, 2016

New Water #1: Rocky Mountain Way

        New Water #1 Rocky Mountain Way    
A new 2016 imitative to fish new home waters that we once ignored.
This is part 1 of the new series.

58th PA location fished

If I could be rightly accused of one thing its complacency. The same foods, the same places, the same fishing spots, the same music. Its not that I hate change.......I do switch things up when possible, but I do love reliability.....

Enter Snakeykyle, who if you undoubtedly follow this blog he would need no introduction. Kyle was running around in the mountain woods doing......whatever it is he was doing when he discovered a fish swimming in a stream pool. I know what you're thinking.....there are pretty much fish in every healthy body of water and you are correct! However I didn't know this stream existed.

Enter today Monday, March 21st, 2016, one day before my 27th birthday. I called up Kyle and asked if he wanted to go bottom fishing, he was in. Shortly thereafter I received a call from Mark.....he didn't plan to but he decided to join us as well.

It was cold, it was windy, and the fish stripped our bottom rigs off while we watched the slack rods like fools. We decided to give Kyle's mountain spot a try. Of course shenanigans ensued. Kyle recommended I put my rod in my backpack which obviously led to it falling out onto the trail and being lost forever. Mark opted not to bring a rod. So that essentially left Kyle. The fish Kyle could not previously identify were very obviously native brook trout to me, all it took was a glance and I knew what was in-store. I told Kyle to fork over the rod and 2 casts led to two healthy specimen Brook Trout from totally new waters. I gave Kyle his rod back and I tried to fish with half of a fishing pole. Mark rigged up a big stick with a line and hook and off we went like little children dipping worms into the cold mountain streams, excitement and enthusiasm filled our eyes.

I saw evidence of people in the area but I can't imagine this place is extremely traversed. We enjoyed the views and the seclusion as we bounced back and fourth. Before we knew it the sun was setting and four hours had danced on by, it was time to get home before being on a mountain top in pitch black darkness. Not to mention the snow was trickling down. As we walked down the mountain there was still no rod tip in sight but another adventure was in the book...

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  1. Beauties! I wish I had native brookies in southeast PA...